This website presents information on ASMap development and usage.


The ASMap project began in 2019 with the goal to help diversify a node’s peerset and prevent reliance on too few Autonomous System (AS) entities. Various attacks have been described which can leverage weaknesses in peer discovery to partition a node from the broader network, for example in the case of an eclipse attack. What we want is a map of IP addresses to the AS they belong to, so that we can ensure a node isn’t hosting a number of peers under the control of a single AS entity, thus raising the cost of an attacker successfully eclipsing our node from the broader network.

  • what users can do now
  • netgroup bucketing
  • frequency of updates / degradation rate
    • every Core release should be fine, still better than netgroup bucketing

Generating the IP-to-AS map relies on data that must be sourced from best-effort public announcements in several places and parsed carefully to detect errors and misattributions. To learn more about the sourcing of this AS data, see Sourcing Data.